starboard IceWave

Powerful and moisture-resistant

starboard IceWave and starboard IceWave Pro are powerful flutings for corrugated card boxes when moisture resistance is required. They are ideally suited for use in the cooling chain and in a humid environment.

IceWave: safe transport for fresh products

When transporting fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, constant cooling is essential to the maintenance of product quality. It is in this regard that packaging plays a key role, as it must not only withstand major climatic changes, but at the same time also be extremely water-resistant. starboard IceWave is ideally suited to applications demanding such strength and moisture resistance.

IceWave Pro: 16% higher strength values

starboard IceWave Pro was developed especially for durable, high-strength packaging that has to be stored under humid and cold conditions. This high-performance fluting represents an ideal alternative to semi-chemical fluting, as it is made from selected fibres that significantly reduce basis weight without strength loss. For example, starboard IceWave Pro 127 gsm can replace corrugating medium in 150 gsm without any reduction in the quality of the corrugated cardboard. Loweirng the basis weight whilst simultaneously maintaining strength values also facilitates significant cost savings.

Sustainable and resource-saving

starboard IceWave papers are manufactured entirely from regenerated fibres and are fully recyclable. Adherence to the FSC® guidelines, enables us to conserve and secure wood as a natural resource, which is of major importance for our products. Moreover, the Raubling and Laakirchen mills cover all their heat and electrical energy requirements from in-house sources.

Benefits IceWave

  • High strength values: up to 8% stronger than standard corrugating medium
  • optimum running and processing properties in humid climates
  • cost savings through a reduction in basic-weight in tandem with unchanged strength values
  • suitable for all types of corrugates
  • Passed FEFCO 9 packaging test for good performance in fluctuating climate conditions

Benefits IceWave Pro

  • High strength values: up to 16% stronger than standard corrugating medium
  • starboard IceWave Pro 127 gsm can replace standard corrugated medium in 150 gsm without any loss of quality
  • ideal as an alternative to SC fluting
  • consistent high quality
  • passed FEFCO 9 test


  • Cool-chain and extreme-climate packaging
  • Packaging for fresh products e.g. fruit and vegetables
  • Heavy-duty packaging

Product folder

starboard product folder

starboard product folder

Format: pdf
English (2.0 MB)

Technical Data Sheet

starboard IceWave specification

starboard IceWave specification

Format: pdf
English (27.2 KB)

starboard IceWave Pro specification

starboard IceWave Pro specification

Format: pdf
English (28.7 KB)

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